Blackberry Cobbler

31 Dec

This week my local grocery store had half-pints of blackberries on sale for $1 each if you bought 10, so I did.  I froze half of them and then I decided to make blackberry cobbler with the other half.

They were gorgeous, big, juicy blackberries!  Here’s a look at them.


So, I looked up my favorite chef’s blog to see if she had any blackberry cobbler recipes and of course she did. Here’s a link:

The Pioneer Woman’s Blackberry Cobbler – I added some cinnamon to it, because I happen to like blackberries and cinnamon together.

I tripled the recipe because I had a big pan and lots of berries.  While I was making it, I noticed it called for self-rising flour and of course I didn’t have any.  Google to the rescue!!  Did you know that self-rising flour is just flour, baking powder and salt?  Here’s the recipe for it.  You can make up a bunch at a time and keep it on hand in your pantry, but don’t go out and buy it when it’s this easy. I liked this recipe because you can scale it to the total quantity you want to make.

Self-Rising Flour Recipe

So here’s the blackberry cobbler before it went into the oven:


And here’s the finished product.


We’re having a New Year’s party tonight and this is my main contribution… I’ll let you know if we liked it!

In the meantime, get yourself to Dierberg’s this week if you live in St. Louis and pick up some of these yummy berries!!

What’s your favorite recipe for blackberries?

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