After a delay, we’re moving again…

14 Nov

At least we think we are…

If I’ve learned nothing else over the last two years of our Haitian adoption journey, I’ve learned to depend on God’s timing rather than my own.  We thought we’d be in Haiti picking up our boys this week, but we aren’t.  We had a delay of several weeks and so our file is just now moving into the embassy.

Monday, the embassy was closed for Veterans Day in the US.

Tuesday, our representative was turned away after waiting half the day because the embassy wanted two copies of our dossier, in addition to the original.

Maybe today will be the day…

Not my will, but yours, Lord.

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Posted by on November 14, 2012 in adoption, faith


One response to “After a delay, we’re moving again…

  1. Zebra Princess H-EDS

    November 14, 2012 at 9:20 am

    Praise God! Each day is another day closer to having your boys home with you. We continue to stand in faith with you and Brian for peace, endurance, and hope during this trying time. Love ya, Jacquie


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